My only marriage advice for Adam is you can’t be selfish, you gotta listen, you gotta be comforting… Basically, try not to be yourself. He’s finally found the right girl. I mean, Behati is just, she’s beautiful, she’s a sweetheart, and I’m glad that he’s got her in his life because if you’re only gonna be with one girl for the rest of your life. One girl… for the REST. Of your life. And you’re Adam Levine… It should be her. - Blake Shelton (via leovine)

Adam’s Best Man

Blake discusses his very important role for Adam’s upcoming wedding.


"Blake, are you going to Adam’s wedding?" [x]

CeeLo, are you watching a movie right now in there?




*squeal* so ADORABLE!


Lev-IN-e or Lev-OUT-e, this is the last one, Blake Shelton? [x]